Ethan Confer
Bozeman, MT
Peter Ramos
Bozeman, MT
Dana Lane
Bozeman, MT
Justin Willis
Bozeman, MT
Paul Sorenson
Bozeman, MT
Seth Dailey
Bozeman, MT
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It is true, each one of these people live in a wheeled vehicle seasonally or year round. Some are mobile, some are stuck to the ground, but all do it for the same reason – to avoid paying too much rent to a landlord.


I let my camera act as a vehicle, taking me on unexpected journeys from which I learn new things about the world. In this case, word of mouth brought me to the unconventional front doors of friends of friends. By documenting the lives of others, I hope to reveal the lessons I have learned. These photographs and the people pictured in them, remind me that life can be fleeting and that for some, staying on the move is a key to happiness.


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