Life Lessons


I was in Houston, TX for a cousin's wedding in October 2013. At the reception I watched my grandmother dancing with my older brother. She seemed to move like she was 45 instead of 85. It shocked me how happy, healthy, and active she was.


The following spring, I set out to create a photography project that captured the essence of retirees that were happy, healthy, and active. I wanted to show that life did not crumble the day you retired and that there were still fulfilling years in your future. I sought out people over the age of 70, spent time with them, and made photographs.


What I learned as I began speaking with the people that I photographed was that it would be wrong for me to romanticize the later years of long-lived people. Instead, my time spent with each person was an opportunity to sit down, listen, learn something about life, and learn something about myself.

Wayne Schwartz
Irwin Bangen
Leroy Obennick
Harold Levens
Ellie Tack
Tony Wayland
Maxine Pogreba
Louise Cole
Thelma Baker
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